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We are a group of family farms located in Acevedo, Huila-Colombia  south west part of the country growing Specialty coffees mainly for the International Market,  Huila is a well known region  around the world in the specialty coffee industry for its coffees  being one of the largest coffee-producing regions in Colombia with altitudes between 1200 masl and 1800 masl with varieties such as Caturra, Colombia, Tabi, Pink Bourbon, Geisha in Natural, Honey and wash, semi-wash processes.


Huila coffees normally have massive body and a heavy syrupy texture, strong fruitiness and occasional tropical notes, coffees can be bold, nutty, chocolaty and citric, with sweet caramel notes and have medium to high acidity. 


Our town Acevedo in Huila has an extension of 612 km2  and it  is in 2nd place in Huila region in coffee production, each family farm has in average  between 3 to 9 hectares planted in coffee,  we are an indigenous community under  "Andaki" from the Spanish conquistadors which stills active nowadays and we are recognized and protected by the Colombian Government.


Sustainability is an important topic for us for this reason other products are grown in the farms beside the coffee production such as  plantain, corn, beans, tomato, cacao, sugar cane, yucca, guava, pineapple, blackberry among others but also because altitude and type of soil allows us to diversify our farms taking care also of the natural water resources.

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We have the opportunity to be  involved in the whole chain from the seed to the cup then we can guarantee an exquisite  cup of coffee , we count in our team with agronomists, farmers, pickers,  cuppers, baristas, roasters working together to obtain the best coffees.

Our specialty coffees are exported every year to Europe , USA  and Asia with  high satisfaction for roasters and end users in different countries.  For this reason we decided  in 2016 to open our own Specialty coffee roasting facility in  in Central Florida to offer a good coffee but also to share our experiences as growers and let you know a little bit more of  all that is  involved in good cup of coffee .

In our group of coffee growers we have Gilberto Rojas , 2nd place in Cup of Excellence 2015.

My name Francy Y. Alarcon Lopez born and raised in Bogota Colombia, my parents coming from coffee regions in Colombia, my mom especially fomented the coffee consumption at home then It has been part of my life since  young.  I have a professional Degree in International Trade with emphasis in Import, Export and Logistics with over 15 years of experience in the field and  living in the US.


Getting back to my  coffee origins years ago as an active member of a coffee growers community in Acevedo-Huila, region well known in the international market for its specialty coffees I started working and investing my time in the mountains with my farmers and pickers studying and putting together links in the chain reveling huge lacks of support to the coffee growers in our regions for different reasons and most of them not in a good  benefit to the coffee growers and pickers families which have been one of the reasons motivating me to continue working in pro of my community and showing them hope in our coffees.

I am involved in the whole process from the seed to the cup, being at the origin  and from the Origin has been the best experience making me and others understand that coffee is not just to grow any coffee and the concept of coffee is changing, there is a market out there willing to  have great coffees but also appreciation to growers and pickers work, since I became a roaster, barista and as a cupper I have the great opportunity to be in contact with the customers and roasters sharing experiences, processes and joining the beauty of our Colombian coffee.

For this and more reasons I have put my knowledge and my experience to fortify the links in our process,  looking it from the in and outside helps me to direct my efforts to the international market looking for the right customers willing to develop Direct Trade connected with Fair Trade to improve conditions in our communities and show them the reality of the Colombian coffee since there is a huge lack of knowledge along the chain.

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